Friday, June 29, 2007

New Arrival (07/17/07)

Rinko Kawauchi's new item is a postcard book. It contains 10 different postcards and the images were taken in Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium which is one of the largest aquarium in the world. The title "Majun" means "together" in the Okinawan dialect.
Also 7 titles from Nieves, an independent visual publication company in Swiss, are now available.
Please check them and other books too on!

New Arrival !

Rinko Kawauchi - Majun

Ari Marcopoulos - The Cat - Terje Haakonsen

Kim Gordon - Chronicles Vol.2

Linus Bill - Piss Down My Back And Tell Me It's Raining

Takashi Homma - Tokyo and my Daughter (Limiteded edition)

Takashi Homma - Tokyo and my Daughter

Back In Stock !

Daido Moriyama - Kiroku #7 (Record #7)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Arrival (06/15/07)

2 of Takato Yamamoto's popular titles are available now!Both "Alter of Narcissus" and "Allure of Pharmakon" are very important title of Yamamoto,and have been reissued this year. They both are signed!
Also, "Divertimento for a Martyr" which was published in last year is back in stock!
We have more titles back in stock from Editions Treville, such as books by Suehiro Maruo,and Irina Ionesco.
Please check them and other books too on!

New Arrival !

Takato Yamamoto - Alter of Narcissus (Signed)

Takato Yamamoto - Allure of Pharmakon (Signed)

Back In Stock !

Takato Yamamoto - Divertimento for a Martyr (Signed)

Suehiro Maruo - Maruograph EX I

Hiroshi Nonami - Abyss (Signed)

Irina Ionesco - R

Irina Ionesco - Eva

Hans Bellmer - The Doll

Hiroshi Nonami - Mousa

Hiroshi Nonami - Mousa (First Limited edition, Signed)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Arrival (06/08/07)

New Books of Daido Moriyama! These are the Issue #6 and #7 of his self-published photo journal called "Kiroku (Rocord)" which was launched in 1972. It had been 34 years since #5 was published.
Also, we would like to introduce one of the most progressive visual magazine called WERK basedin Singapore. You can also see other new titles below.
Rinko Kawauchi and Yoshitomo Nara's popular titles are now back in stock!
Please check them and other books too on

New Arrival !

Daido Moriyama - Kiroku #6 (Record #6)

Daido Moriyama - Kiroku #7 (Record #7)

WERK No.11: Bastardized

WERK No.12: The Outsiders? (Pink)

WERK No.12: The Outsiders? (Green)

WERK No.12: The Outsiders? (Yellow)

WERK No.12: The Outsiders? (Orange)

WERK No.13: Jan de Cock

WERK No.14: 3 Cap

Guerrillazine No.4: Urban Poetry

Richard Avedon - Eye of the Beholder: Photographs from the Collection of Richard Avedon

Lee Friedlander (Signed/Numbered)

Lee Friedlander - Cherry Blossom Time in Japan: The Complete Works

Robert Adams - Turning Back

Back In Stock !

Rinko Kawauchi - AILA

Rinko Kawauchi - Cui Cui

Rinko Kawauchi - Rinko Diary

Rinko Kawauchi - the eyes, the ears,

Yoshitomo Nara - AtoZ

Yoshitomo Nara - Nobody knows (Yoshitomo Nara Drawings)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Arrival (01/23/07)

A Happy New Year! Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu (in Japanese)! We would like to start this year by introducing the exellent reproduction of the magazines which established a field of graphic design in Japanese modern times called "Nippon." Also, we have 3 books from the series [Masterpieces of Japanese Photography] back in stock! Please don't them if you are one of those who love Japanese fine art and photography. These books are classic! Please check them and other titles too on!

New Arrival !

Nippon (republication) - 1st Period

Nippon (republication) - 2nd Period

Nippon (republication) - 3rd Period

Back In Stock !

Masao Horino - Camera: Eye x Steel: Composition(Lim Numbered ed)

Ihee Kimura - Japan Through A Leica(Limited Numbered ed)

Tampei Photography Club - Light(Limited Numbered ed)

Friday, December 15, 2006

New Arrival (12/22/06)

New books from 2 of the most popular Japanese artists! The "Rinko Diary" by Rinko Kawauchi on website has been very popular, and her new book "Rinko Diary 2" has just been publish as a sequel to "Rinko Diary" published in June 2006. And Yoshitomo Nara finally released his new book "AtoZ" that contains drawings and photographs of the unique exhibition "AtoZ" held in summer of 2006! If you are a fan of Yoshitomo Nara, you don't want to miss this excellent book! Please check them and other titles too, especially Tadanori Yokoo's new stationary goods, on!

Winter Holiday Schedule
A Blackship will be closed from December 29 - January 4th.
The items ordered by 27th in 2006 will be shipped on December 28th or earlier. The items ordered after December 28th will be shipped on January 5th in 2007.

Thanks for supporting us in 2006! We look forward to talking you again in 2007.
We Wish you a Happy Christmas and Happy New Year for all of the world.

New Arrival !

Nara Yoshitomo - AtoZ

Rinko Kawauchi - Rinko Diary 2

Tadanori Yokoo - Art Pinback: Owari no Bigaku

Tadanori Yokoo - Art Pinback: Yodare (Slobber)

Tadanori Yokoo - Art Pinback (small): Ohori

Tadanori Yokoo - Art Pinback (small): Bride

Tadanori Yokoo - Art Pinback (small): Motorcycle

Tadanori Yokoo - Art Memopad: Jigazo no aru Hukei

Tadanori Yokoo - Art Memopad: TV

Tadanori Yokoo - Art Pinback Set

Back In Stock !

Rinko Kawauchi - the eyes, the ears,

Rinko Kawauchi - Cui Cui

Rinko Kawauchi - AILA

Rinko Kawauchi - Rinko Diary

Rinko Kawauchi - Utatane

Tokiko Suzuki - The Jerry Fish

Naoki Honjo - small planet

Monday, November 13, 2006

New Arrival (11/13/06)

Japanese artists' books for you! Today, we would like to introduce awesome Japanese artists's books by Projuct: ARTS ANF CRAFTS (AAC). AAC started to creat an environment that artists and craftsmen and also art directors and designers can be united and work together to create things. That's why their products are not only to see or read. They are somethings that you want to touch and feel. And that's what contemporary Japanese artists's book are! Please check them and other titles too on!

New Arrival !

Kuniko Nagasaki - There's many dog shit in your house. (Signed/Numbered)

Taiko Matsuo - BYO-BU-E: WINTER (Signed/Numbered)

Taiko Matsuo - BYO-BU-E: SPRING (Signed/Numbered)

Naoko Machida - Ferris Wheel (Signed/Numbered)

Chihiro Ichinose - ON THE HORIZON (Signed/Numbered)

Utrecht - 100 BOOKS (Numbered Limited ed.)

Friday, October 27, 2006

New Arrival (10/27/06)

Hiroshi Nonami's new photography book and Postcard sets just arrived! This is a compilation of Nonami world, and fisrt signed/limited edition comes with 5 postcard set which is not for sale. Don't miss it if you are a Hiroshi Nonami's fun!
And please check other titles too on!

New Arrival !

Hiroshi Nonami - Mousa (First Limited edition, Signed)

Hiroshi Nonami - Mousa (Second Softcover edition)

Nonami Hiroshi - Mousa 8Postcard SetNonami Hiroshi - Mousa 8Postcard Set

Nonami Hiroshi - Abyss 8Postcard Set

Nonami Hiroshi - Chaos 8Postcard Set

Julia Hall & Chrissy Leggio - ABC ISSUE NO.1: Slaves of Christo

Eleanor Whitney - indulgence no.9

Mark Wagner - FOURTUNE'S DAUGHTER: An Allegory of Prosperity

Eleanor Whitney - riffRAG

Emily K. Larned - Thrift Store

Angelo Verga - ABC ISSUE NO.2: 33 New York City Poems

Booklyn original notebook: pink

Booklyn original notebook: blue